Black, white, and green peppercorns all come from the same vine, but are harvested at various stages of growth. Sweet and spicy pink peppercorns are dried berries from South America. Chinese Szechuan peppercorns have a distinctly pungent and spicy flavor.


  • Free Setup / Art / Logos
  • Bleeds Allowed on All Sides
  • Temper Proof Seal
  • Elegant Wide Mouth, Easy Access Glass Jar with Black Lid
  • High Quality, Food Grade, Durable, Tin Plated Steel Can
  • Fresh Packed upon Receipt of Order in USA


  • Package: Bulk, Glass Jar or Tin Can, Custom Gloss Label
  • Gift Box (option): 111# Gloss Cover


  • Digital: Full Color Printing on the Label

Custom Shape

  • Die Charge: $150 (G) each shape


  • Artwork Change: $67 (G) each


U4161GBlack Peppercorns11.179.779.299.058.918.86
U4162GGreen Peppercorns12.1710.7710.2910.059.919.86
U4163GWhite Peppercorns12.1710.7710.2910.059.919.86
U4164GSzechuan Peppercorns16.1714.7714.2914.0513.9113.86
U4165GRainbow Peppercorns12.1710.7710.2910.059.919.86
U4166GPink Peppercorns12.1710.7710.2910.059.919.86
U3435GGift Box (option)5.073.502.942.241.651.31
U4161TBlack Peppercorns12.5911.1810.7010.4710.3310.28
U4162TGreen Peppercorns15.5914.1813.7013.4713.3313.28
U4163TWhite Peppercorns13.5912.1811.7011.4711.3311.28
U4164TSzechuan Peppercorns19.5918.1817.7017.4717.3317.28
U4165TRainbow Peppercorns13.5912.1811.7011.4711.3311.28
U4166TPink Peppercorns14.5913.1812.7012.4712.3312.28
3435TGift Box (option)5.073.502.942.241.651.31