Chili Peppers

Chili Peppers are widely used in many cuisines as a spice to add flavor and heat to various dishes. Chili Peppers can be eaten fresh or added whole to your food. When dried they can be finely ground into chili powder for use with barbecue, hot curry, and other spicy sauces.


  • Free setup / art / logos
  • Bleeds allowed on all sides
  • Temper Proof Seal
  • Elegant Wide Mouth, Easy Access Glass Jar with Black Lid
  • High Quality, Durable, Tin Plated Steel Can
  • Fresh Packed upon Receipt of Order in USA


  • Package: Bulk, Glass Jar or Tin Can, Custom Gloss Label
  • Gift Box (option): 111# Gloss Cover


  • Digital: Full color printing on the label

Custom Shape

  • No charge for standard shape


  • Custom Shape: add $150 (G) each shape
  • Artwork Change: $67 (G) each


U4181GCayenne Pepper8.397.306.936.746.636.60
U4182GAncho Chili Pepper10.399.308.938.748.638.60
U4183GChipotle Chili Pepper10.399.308.938.748.638.60
U4184GJalapeno Pepper9.398.307.937.747.637.60
U4186GRed Pepper8.397.306.936.746.636.60
U3435GGift Box (option)4.122.872.461.901.461.14
U4181TCayenne Pepper10.489.399.018.838.728.68
U4182TAncho Chili Pepper11.4810.3910.019.839.729.68
U4183TChipotle Chili Pepper12.4811.3911.0110.8310.7210.68
U4184TJalapeno Pepper11.4810.3910.019.839.729.68
U4186TRed Pepper10.489.399.018.838.728.68
3435TGift Box (option)4.122.872.461.901.461.14