Uniq Prints Plywood W Product Sample
Uniq Prints Plywood W Product Sample

Uniq Prints™ (Plywood White)

Full color graphics printed directly onto plywood.


  • Free setup / art / logos
  • Bleeds allowed on all sides
  • Ready to hang
  • Made in USA


  • U4460 - 4475: 1/2in plywood


  • Inkjet: Full color and white printing on one side

Custom Shape

  • Setup Charge: $40 (G) each shape plus $0.05 (G) per linear cutting inch; no charge for round corners / circles


  • Kraft corrugated individual box


U44608 x 10in48.4637.35112.5461.8648.7139.1832.53
U44618 x 12in50.9139.8076.2544.0437.4833.3530.82
U446212 x 12in67.2456.1380.5157.4452.6049.3247.13
U446311 x 14in71.3960.2886.0763.8058.4154.5251.80
U446412 x 18in77.1766.0693.7370.6864.8760.6857.77
U446516 x 16in85.5074.39104.6980.2373.9969.4966.38
U446612 x 24in89.7278.60112.5686.0379.2174.2970.87
U446716 x 20in93.2282.10118.6890.5083.2978.1174.52
U446816 x 24in103.1192.00130.66101.1893.6988.3184.58
U446920 x 20in104.8793.76136.41104.7296.6090.7486.67
U447020 x 24in115.90104.79149.38116.36107.98101.9697.80
U447124 x 24in152.09140.97190.21154.81145.75139.22134.68
U447220 x 30in160.16149.05211.62169.02157.74149.50143.71
U447324 x 30in168.91157.80227.78180.41168.10159.21153.03
U447424 x 36in185.73174.62249.99199.14186.08176.68170.17
U447530 x 40in224.34213.23296.00240.86226.68216.45209.34