Uniq Prints OSB Board W Product Sample
Uniq Prints OSB Board W Product Sample

Uniq Prints™ (OSB Board White)

Full color graphics printed directly on an oriented strand board.


  • Free setup / art / logos
  • Bleeds allowed on all sides
  • Ready to hang
  • Made in USA


  • U4420 - 4435: 7/16in oriented strand board


  • Inkjet: Full color and white printing on one side

Custom Shape

  • Setup Charge: $40 (G) each shape plus $0.18 (G) per linear cutting inch; no charge for round corners / circles


  • Kraft corrugated individual box


U44208 x 10in47.1336.02100.3656.1844.6636.2930.45
U44218 x 12in49.3238.2170.6041.5035.4431.5629.16
U442212 x 12in64.1353.0275.5253.9149.2646.1043.96
U442311 x 14in68.8857.7781.9060.7155.5351.7949.19
U442412 x 18in73.3362.2288.5066.3260.7156.6653.85
U442516 x 16in78.9867.8796.4372.9867.0062.7059.72
U442612 x 24in83.1972.08103.2878.3071.9167.3264.13
U442716 x 20in86.6975.58109.0682.6975.9671.1267.77
U442816 x 24in94.9683.85119.3091.7384.7279.6976.20
U442920 x 20in96.7185.60124.4794.9987.4582.0178.24
U443020 x 24in106.5895.47136.08105.4297.6492.0688.20
U443124 x 24in130.34119.23164.03131.24122.86116.81112.61
U443220 x 30in138.78127.67181.51143.71133.82126.62121.59
U443324 x 30in147.16136.05196.00154.45143.70135.94130.55
U443424 x 36in163.99152.88217.66173.06161.62153.38147.67
U443530 x 40in202.59191.48263.48214.77202.22193.15186.85