Uniq Prints OSB Board NW Product Sample
Uniq Prints OSB Board NW Product Sample

Uniq Prints™ (OSB Board No White)

Full color graphics printed directly on an oriented strand board. These durable and economical OSB panels can be used indoors for wall, roof, shelves, furniture, or decorative purposes.


  • Free setup / art / logos
  • Bleeds allowed on all sides
  • Indoor application only
  • Ready to hang
  • Made in USA


  • U4400 - 4415: 7/16in OSB


  • Inkjet: Full color printing on one side

Custom Shape

  • Setup Charge: $40 (G) each shape plus $0.18 (G) per linear cutting inch; no charge for round corners / circles


  • Kraft corrugated individual box


U44008 x 10in43.6432.52120.2769.7553.4040.5030.93
U44018 x 12in45.1534.0473.0639.5932.2327.6725.00
U440212 x 12in57.9446.8270.1447.3942.7139.6437.63
U440311 x 14in60.8749.7672.0951.6146.7943.3540.97
U440412 x 18in64.0952.9876.0055.5750.5046.8644.33
U440516 x 16in68.0756.9681.3560.2854.9651.1448.49
U440612 x 24in70.9259.8185.9863.9158.3054.2751.48
U440716 x 20in73.1061.9889.7066.6960.8556.6653.76
U440816 x 24in78.6867.5796.5672.7866.7662.4459.46
U440920 x 20in79.7768.6699.9574.8968.5163.9260.74
U441020 x 24in86.2975.18107.6281.7875.2570.5667.33
U441124 x 24in106.0494.93130.25103.0196.0791.0887.62
U441220 x 30in111.66100.54143.13111.88103.7297.7893.63
U441324 x 30in116.86105.75152.90118.84110.05103.7199.31
U441424 x 36in127.67116.56166.97130.81121.57114.92110.32
U441530 x 40in152.27141.16196.27157.41147.45140.27135.28