Uniq Prints EPVC Product Sample
Uniq Prints EPVC Product Sample

Uniq Prints™ (EPVC)

Full color graphics printed directly onto EPVC, a lightweight, moisture and corrosion resistant surface.


  • Free setup / art / logos
  • Bleeds allowed on all sides
  • Ready to hang
  • Made in USA


  • U4300 - 4315: 3mm EPVC


  • Inkjet: Full color printing on one side

Custom Shape

  • Setup Charge: $40 (G) each shape plus $0.05 (G) per linear cutting inch; no charge for round corners / circles


  • Kraft corrugated individual box


U43008 x 10in45.9332.0431.4924.8222.6020.8219.49
U43018 x 12in47.5933.7033.1426.4824.2622.4821.14
U430212 x 12in61.8647.9747.4140.7538.5336.7535.41
U430311 x 14in65.1251.2350.6844.0141.7940.0138.68
U430412 x 18in68.3954.5053.9447.2845.0543.2841.94
U430516 x 16in75.4361.5460.9854.3252.0950.3248.98
U430612 x 24in77.9364.0563.4956.8254.6052.8251.49
U430716 x 20in80.1166.2265.6759.0056.7855.0053.67
U430816 x 24in87.3273.4372.8866.2163.9962.2160.88
U430920 x 20in88.4174.5273.9767.3065.0863.3061.97
U431020 x 24in95.9982.1081.5574.8872.6670.8869.55
U431124 x 24in130.36116.47115.92109.25107.03105.25103.92
U431220 x 30in135.81121.92121.36114.70112.47110.70109.36
U431324 x 30in140.67126.78126.22119.55117.33115.55114.22
U431424 x 36in150.97137.08136.53129.86127.64125.86124.53
U431530 x 40in174.72160.83160.28153.61151.39149.61148.28