Uniq Prints Chalk Board Product Sample
Uniq Prints Chalk Board Product Sample

Uniq Prints™ (Chalk Board)

Full color graphics printed directly on a black chalkboard.


  • Free setup / art / logos
  • Bleeds allowed on all sides
  • Ready to hang
  • Made in USA


  • U4240 - 4255: 3mm black chalkboard


  • Inkjet: Full color and white printing on one side

Custom Shape

  • Setup Charge: $40 (G) each shape plus $0.05 (G) per linear cutting inch; no charge for round corners / circles


  • Kraft corrugated individual box


U42408 x 10in48.5536.0535.2229.3827.4425.8824.72
U42418 x 12in51.1438.6437.8131.9830.0328.4827.31
U424212 x 12in68.1955.6954.8549.0247.0845.5244.35
U424311 x 14in73.5061.0060.1754.3452.3950.8449.67
U424412 x 18in78.9066.4065.5659.7357.7856.2355.06
U424516 x 16in88.2175.7174.8769.0467.0965.5464.37
U424612 x 24in92.6080.1079.2673.4371.4969.9368.76
U424716 x 20in96.5984.0983.2677.4275.4873.9272.76
U424816 x 24in107.4794.9794.1488.3186.3684.8183.64
U424920 x 20in109.4796.9796.1490.3188.3686.8185.64
U425020 x 24in121.65109.15108.31102.48100.5398.9897.81
U425124 x 24in161.37148.87148.04142.20140.26138.70137.54
U425220 x 30in170.35157.85157.02151.18149.24147.68146.52
U425324 x 30in179.94167.44166.61160.78158.83157.28156.11
U425424 x 36in198.52186.02185.18179.35177.41175.85174.68
U425530 x 40in241.52229.02228.19222.36220.41218.86217.69