Image Wrap™ (Faux Canvas)

Full color graphics printed directly on a faux canvas foamboard.


  • Free setup / art / logos
  • Ready to hang (gallery wrap)
  • Indoor application only
  • Image continues over the sides of the frame
  • Wrapped edges are a reflection of the image
  • Made in USA


  • U7000 - 7015: 3/16 in faux canvas foamboard


  • Inkjet: Full color printing on one side

Custom Shape

  • Setup Charge: $10 (G) each image


  • White corrugated individual box


U70008 x 10in66.1957.8652.8651.1950.36
U70018 x 12in69.4061.0756.0754.4053.57
U700212 x 12in95.1586.8281.8280.1579.32
U700311 x 14in96.6688.3383.3381.6680.83
U700412 x 18in106.6998.3593.3591.6990.85
U700516 x 16in111.07102.7397.7396.0795.23
U700612 x 24in119.34111.01106.01104.34103.51
U700716 x 20in121.52113.18108.18106.52105.68
U700816 x 24in129.18120.85115.85114.18113.35
U700920 x 20in135.87127.54122.54120.87120.04
U701020 x 24in150.21141.88136.88135.21134.38
U701124 x 24in176.72168.39163.39161.72160.89
U701220 x 30in180.01171.68166.68165.01164.18
U701324 x 30in191.49183.16178.16176.49175.66
U701424 x 36in206.25197.92192.92191.25190.42
U701530 x 40in248.59240.26235.26233.59232.76