Image Wrap Colored EPVC Product Sample
Image Wrap Colored EPVC Product Sample
Image Wrap Colored EPVC Zoomed-in Detail
Image Wrap Colored EPVC Front and Back Sides
Black, Dark Green, Light Gray, Yellow, Dark Blue, Gray, Red

Image Wrap™ (Colored EPVC)

Full color graphics printed directly on colored EPVC.


  • Free setup / art / logos
  • Ready to hang (gallery wrap)
  • Indoor application only
  • Image continues over the sides of the frame
  • Wrapped edges are a reflection of the image
  • Made in USA


  • U6060 - 6075: 3mm colored EPVC


  • Inkjet: Full color and white printing on one side

Custom Shape

  • Setup Charge: $10 (G) each image


  • White corrugated individual box


U60608 x 10in73.5057.3956.6148.9446.3944.3442.81
U60618 x 12in79.8363.7262.9555.2852.7250.6849.15
U606212 x 12in94.3378.2177.4469.7767.2165.1763.64
U606311 x 14in97.3881.2780.4972.8370.2768.2366.69
U606412 x 18in109.8993.7893.0085.3382.7880.7379.20
U606516 x 16in118.78102.67101.8994.2291.6789.6288.09
U606612 x 24in124.84108.73107.95100.2997.7395.6994.15
U606716 x 20in129.54113.43112.65104.98102.43100.3898.85
U606816 x 24in141.47125.36124.59116.92114.36112.32110.79
U606920 x 20in146.84130.73129.95122.28119.73117.68116.15
U607020 x 24in157.57141.46140.69133.02130.46128.42126.89
U607124 x 24in191.32175.21174.43166.76164.21162.16160.63
U607220 x 30in205.48189.37188.60180.93178.37176.33174.80
U607324 x 30in213.42197.31196.54188.87186.31184.27182.74
U607424 x 36in235.59219.48218.70211.03208.48206.43204.90
U607530 x 40in293.44277.33276.55268.89266.33264.29262.75