Hang Tags Paper Sizes and Shapes
Hang Tags Paper Sizes and Shapes

You may order sizes that are not listed in the available sizes table. Pricing will be adjusted to the price of the next larger size item.

Hang Tags (Paper)

Full color hang tags on coated stock.


  • Free setup / art / logos
  • Bleeds allowed on all sides
  • No die charge on standard shapes
  • No over-run charge
  • Different artwork allowed on either side
  • One thickness
  • Available in 15 standard shapes
  • Made in USA


  • U2430 - 2445: 130# Gloss Cover


  • Digital / Offset: Full color printing on two sides

Custom Shape

  • Die Charge: $150 (G) each shape


  • Artwork Change: $37 or $67 (G) each


U2430Two Sides1.400.630.380.
U2431Two Sides1.430.670.410.
U2432Two Sides1.470.700.450.320.250.220.21
U2433, 2434Two Sides1.480.720.470.340.260.240.22
U2435Two Sides1.490.720.470.340.260.240.23
U2436Two Sides1.500.740.480.360.280.260.22
U2437, 2438Two Sides1.540.780.520.390.320.290.28
U2439Two Sides1.520.760.500.380.300.270.22
U2440Two Sides1.530.770.510.380.310.280.27
U2441Two Sides1.560.790.540.410.330.310.30
U2442, 2443Two Sides1.580.810.560.430.350.330.32
U2444Two Sides1.600.840.580.460.380.360.34
U2445Two Sides1.660.890.640.510.440.410.38